Changing The Mind

The whole world is at a stage where problems are coming together to threaten imminent collapse of industrial civilisation – the financial system, the economy, the ecology – all more or less simultaneously. The whole economy and financial system relies on exponential growth and the myth of infinite growth on a finite planet. Even in the US oil exploration is taking place at a very massive rate with an aim to produce more of the crude oil very much needed for driving the modern economy. As the vast majority of Americans are being impoverished wealth is being concentrated in the hands of a tiny elite and the banks who basically are running the economy. Most banking in the West is based on fractional reserve banking where private banks are able to create ever increasing amounts of money which is lent to governments and individuals at various degrees of compound interest. This saw the failure of banks and the subsequent bailing out of Wall Street at the expense of “Main Street’. For such a chiller which uses an eductor for oil return, the cause of the failure may not be low load, but rather low lift. Closely repeated short-term exposures at low concentrations may lead to irri­tation of the eyes, nose, and throat.

Repeated exposures to low concentrations that do not produce effects initially may eventually lead to irritation if the exposures are frequent. Since hydrogen sulfide is heavier than air, it can collect in low places. In low concentrations, it is detectable by its characteristic odor. The Ministry of Mines and Energy is responsible for governing the policies and regulations of the energy production and exploration activities of the hydrocarbons sector. Since each person is responsible at some level for the policies of our government, do you have clutter in this area? Excess exposure to hydrogen sulfide causes death by poisoning the respiratory system at the cellular level. Never mind the permanent damage to the plant and animal kingdom by the poisoning of the environment. There is some indi­cation that the presence of alcohol in the blood aggravates the effects of hydrogen sulfide in acute poisoning cases. Hydrogen sulfide is an extremely toxic, flammable gas that may be encountered in the production and processing of gas well gas, high-sulfur-content crude oil, crude oil fractions, associated gas, and waters.

Gas detectors too are available as portable monitors or as fixed models and there are detection systems that come in the forms of tubes as well. 3.Increasing scarcity of fresh water – in the US 80 per cent of all fresh water goes towards agriculture, but sources of ground water are being used up and water is becoming scarce throughout the world. When I was at school world population was 4 billion and increased to 6 billion in 2000 and has now reached 7 billion. Scientists and commentators are not advocating population reduction but seeing it as the consequence of problems facing humanity. These are just some of the main things that are happening that have reached the headlines. Other things happen unnoticed as it were, beneath the radar of the world’s press. One video worth watching is a talk given by professor of physics Dr Albert Bartlett where he uses arithmetic to talk about the nature of exponential growth and its link with the world’s problems. Some of the conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones see ‘liberal’ environmentalists as part of a ‘conspiracy’ to reduce the world’s population.

Even the oil majors like Shell and ExxonMobil are increasingly positioning themselves as gas giants. It has been pointed out that we are just one harvest away from hunger. Mark Rylance, one of Britain’s leading actors, resigned from an honorary position at the Royal Shakespeare Company because it accepts money from BP in order to provide discounted tickets for schoolchildren. One of the problems I can see is people becoming experts in their own field. People who are not very familiar with their vehicle may not know the difference between an air filter and an oil filter. I also do not cover (and certainly do not deny) the positive: the wonderful ways that people respond in times of crisis. Some issues such as US government involvement in the events of 9/11 I have ignored because they distract us from the much greater crisis facing us NOW . This first became obvious with the financial crisis of 2008 arising from the sub-prime mortgage crisis in the United States. It is the common fuel of choice in the mid western United States. A hydrogen fuel cell, put simply, is a device that uses both stored hydrogen and incoming or provided oxygen (usually from air) to produce electricity for consumption.

These regulations include requirements for training personnel involved in OCS oil and gas producing operations and for hydrogen sulfide contingency plans for OCS oil and gas producing operations. 11.2. Although the recommendations for contingency planning presented in Section 7 are applicable to offshore operations, there are additional items that should be addressed. Where potentially hazardous atmospheric concentration of hydrogen sulfide could occur offshore, contingency planning is particularly essential due to the uniqueness of facilities as discussed in Par. Section 11 presents some additional recommendations that are needed offshore due to the uniqueness of offshore operations. It is not because these issues are not serious and do not affect the lives of many but because they do not immediately threaten either our future existence per se or the existence of the entire paradigm we operate under. You can lose your entire investment or make a killing and you don’t know which it will be when you invest.