Natural Gas Liquids: Midstream 101 Special Edition: Oilfield And Oilsands

In-situ facilities can be a lot smaller and do not require the same economy of scale as oil sands mining operations, making them cheaper and faster to bring online. During the process, ANH signed an E&P contract in which it allowed 109 blocks, 30 onshore blocks and frontier basins.ANH is planning to organize many more such large scale bidding processes in future to award other areas. Probably a 25- to 30-per-cent increase in supply over the last four years or so,” said David Smith, chief executive at Keyera Corp., which processes natural gas streams. In-situ extraction of bitumen has become increasingly popular in recent years and expects to lead the growth in bitumen production over the coming decades. One he did name was the Australian mining company Riversdale, which was taken over by Rio Tinto in 2011, for 3.6 billion dollars. Petrofac International is a fast-growing FTSE 100 company and is rapidly expanding in both on-shore and off-shore Oil & Gas activities with principal focus in the Asia Pacific Region.

The other company that I considered is Boustead Projects. It will also strike alliances with gas producers and strategic partners for implementation of city gas projects. “You’ve seen a significant increase, particularly in the United States, in natural gas production that is rich in liquids. 600-million to its 2012 spending budget in June, a move aimed at increasing liquids production. So now we want a 20-inch pipe to move light crude 500 miles. Also, producers can now drill multilateral horizontal wells from a single drilling pad. US oil and gas production has grown sharply in the past decade, thanks to advances in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling techniques, as well as higher oil prices that made it viable to develop shale reserves. About 80% of Alberta’s bitumen reserves are too deep to be mined and must be extracted in-place (or in-situ) using steam. Only 20% of Alberta’s bitumen reserves are close enough to the surface to be mined. In-situ facilities therefore have a much smaller footprint than surface mining operations.

Smaller footprint: The surface area required for the wellheads is very small relative to the oil sands reserve deposit size. In-situ extraction has a much smaller footprint than oil sands mining, uses less water and does not produce a tailings stream. If one keeps the royalties, it may take many years to achieve the same amount of cash income that a sale of royalties will produce. He said politicians holding GLC positions may face conflict of interest leading to abuse of power and responsibility. A more crude refinement is used to generate power for electricity plants. What American military planners fear is that Iran will frustrate their plan to privatize Middle East oil as Iran acts as an effective counterweight to American power. 300 million, all paid by American taxpayers. Gasoline shows a strong sign of weakening demand here, so hopefully, prices will drop further in the favour of the consumer”.

Even so, the disproportionately increasing demand for energy in this country is nothing to be proud of. Its low density ends up meaning that you need about four times the storage size for the same amount of energy in comparison to oil. Talisman, whose shares have lagged other energy companies amid criticism about its strategy, installed Hal Kvisle as its chief executive two weeks ago after abruptly removing John Manzoni from the top spot. Although in-situ bitumen extraction traditionally had very low recovery rates, recent advancements in technology have allowed for significant process improvements. More efficient water usage: In-situ operations use water for steam production, which is mostly recovered and recycled back into the process plant. A LNG is normally contains of Methane (CH4) which is more than 90% and other light hydrocarbon such as Ethane (C2H6), Propane (C3H8), Butane (C4H10) and Nitrogen (N2) inert gas. In Canada, condensate and butane are the most valuable liquids, while ethane and propane are weak. There are many models and brands available that conform to the standard industry requirement. Petrofac International is a global provider of facilities solutions to the Oil & Gas Production and Processing Industry and includes in its customer list several of the world’s leading integrated Oil & Gas Companies.