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The recent near simultaneous leadership changes in China, Japan and South Korea offer East Asia a fresh opportunity for reconciliation after a period of tension. East Asia and Pacific (EAP): World Bank’s December update places growth in China and developing East Asia at 7.5% in 2012 (against 8.3% in 2011) in the face of weak external demand. China is expected to grow by 7%-9% in 2012 (9.3% in 2011), the lowest since 1999, due mainly to lower domestic demand growth reflecting the 2011 stabilisation measures. However, the robust growth in services this year reflects strong domestic support derived from continuing rising incomes. Europe held the world’s fate in its unsteady hands for most of the year. Eurozone: ECB slashed its forecast for the eurozone in 2013, signalling another difficult year ahead. Signs are of a modest pick-up in United States and the United Kingdom, slowdown in Canada and Russia, and deepening recession in the eurozone (including significant slackening in Germany and France) and in Japan, and possibly Brazil.

What, then, are we to do? OECD’s CLIs are designed to provide early signals of turning points between economic expansion and slowdown, based on extensive data that have a reliable history of signalling changes in activity. EAP (excluding China) will grow 5.6% in 2012, 1% higher than in 2011 due mainly to a rebound of activity in Thailand, strong growth in the Philippines, and relatively modest slowdown in Indonesia and Vietnam. Absent such actions, world growth would slide into another downturn, with deepening recession in the eurozone periphery, and contraction or stagnation at the core and related advanced nations. Second, even a small economy like Greece (barely 2% of eurozone economy) can have a material impact on global business sentiment as the “Grexit” drama showed. Eurozone manufacturing kept contracting in November for a 16th month. The region’s three biggest economies now appear to be confidently over the hump following the Tokyo and South Korean elections last week and Beijing’s leadership “jockeying” resolved by last month. Thus, most natural gas average price options settle to the average of the last three days’ New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) futures contract settlement price during that week.

North Korea’s rocket launch last week adds to regional uncertainty. The region that dominated the digital marketing software is the North America. The State of Montana is located just south of Alberta and Saskatchewan Provinces, from where raw materials like oil tar sands originate and travel through the Montana region southward to Texas. New future in energy transformation, especially from low cost shale oil and gas. For businesses and investors, the October Markit survey concluded that in 2013 companies can expect challenging sales and profits, causing many to focus on cost cutting. Data show signs of recession extending into 2013 as policymakers struggle to come to grips with the crisis. Because of continuing uncertainty, consensus forecast chances of 24% for greater than 3% growth in 2013, same as chances of a recession. The researchers at the University of Birmingham realized that the initial fermentation phase of the sugar wastes led to the production of formic acid, the same chemical found in insect stings.

Although significant improvements have been made in well-completion techniques aimed at sand-particle retention by both gravel packing and sand consolidation, straightforward production through casing perforations is the preferred production method because of minimum costs and maximum usage of well-flow potential. There is simply too much production of carbon for the earth to handle. “France is facing conditions much worse than Germany it’s fast becoming aligned with its southern neighbours of Spain and Italy.” Germany, given its openness, cannot “prosper alone; it has a particular interest in the welfare of its partners”. This has lead to wildly over-sized engineering teams not doing very much but because there was a contract in place which pays per employee, they need people in place to maximise revenue. They just need growth. Dean and Lo recently demonstrated that the effect of gravity drainage could be included in pseudo-capillary-pressure terms for both the matrix and fracture without the need to include explicitly a gravity term.