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There are different reasons why the oil rigs are made safe for workers. Lower costs to produce here can partially be cited here for the additional working rigs. We have also gone to quarterly guidance on CapEx in production as we need to get a little further down the road on timing of rigs. The plunge follows an Opec decision not to cut production despite a huge oversupply in global markets. 65.06 as markets continued to be spooked by the plunge in oil prices. To plan ahead for fiscal prudence, the government’s initiative to move towards a managed float pump prices is appropriate at this juncture. Therefore, the broad-based goods and services tax (GST), which will enhance tax revenue collection, is considered timely at this juncture. Therefore, the low-income group has already been identified through the BR1M database. As the government would be sensitive to the impact of rising cost to the low-income group, savings from fuel subsidy expenditure could be channelled to the targeted needy households. However, when there is a reversal of crude oil prices, the government could then step in to provide targeted assistance to the low-income households. Therefore, if the current blanket fuel subsidy mechanism is left status quo in light of falling crude oil prices, the circumstances would risk our nation’s fiscal deficit targets.

100 per barrel in 2015. Given the substantial differences from the current market prices, the Government’s projections may no longer be in sync with the economic reality. 70 per barrel mark. 80 a barrel or more to be economically viable. The issue is even more pressing now that budget revenue is squeezed from falling crude oil prices. This has led to a free fall in global oil prices that have declined by more than 40% since July this year. Their definitions, while scientifically acceptable to specialists who read the fine footnote print have little bearing on planning for next years production by either oil companies or the nation. In the second stage, an external fluid such as water or gas is injected into the reservoir through injection wells located in the rock that have fluid communication with production wells. “Hopes for Malaysia have rested on the fiscal consolidation story,” said Tim Condon, head of Asian research at ING Groep NV in Singapore. The head of research, products and alternative investments at Etiqa, Chris Eng, said that based on the weakening of the ringgit, foreign funds could be behind the selling. UOB Kay Hian Malaysia’s head of research Vincent Khoo said a much lower crude oil price scena­rio would bring negative implications on the ringgit and the Federal Government’s ability to spend its way to pump prime the economy.

Eng said according to reports, Bank of America believed Malaysia’s budget deficit could balloon to 3.8% from a planned 3% while Citi thought the 3% deficit could still be maintained. Malaysia’s economy is very much dependent on the oil and gas sector. No doubt the heavy dependency on the volatile oil and gas sector for budget revenue is beginning to show signs of cracks. From the federal government budget revenue to the country’s exports of crude oil and petroleum products, the issue of falling crude oil prices warrants a closer inspection. 750 million to bring the FY 2012-13 budget into balance. The Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) provisions for eligible households and single individuals amount to around RM4.9bil in 2015, benefitting around 7 million recipients. If the government would consider providing an additional RM250 to its BR1M provision for each eligible households and single individuals as the supplementary allowance, total BR1M payment for eligible recipients in 2015 would amount to around RM6.7bil.

Whether the government initiates a tiered fuel subsidy provision or not, the reality is that fuel subsidy should not be entrenched indefinitely. Ultimately, fuel subsidy is not sustainable in the long run. Despite current price peaks, it is not useful to think of a primary energy market, except in a very long run context. 75 per barrel, the Government would not be providing any subsidy for fuel at the current fixed price of RM2.30 per litre for RON95 and RM2.20 per litre for diesel. The fall in crude oil prices would make biodiesel less viable as an alternative at current prices. It had been reported earlier that at prices below RM80 a barrel, shale oil producers would go bust. Oil prices fell to their lowest in five years yesterday due to the production war between Opec and the American oil boom from shale oil producers. In response to the threat, Opec, which is influenced by Saudi Arabia, has vowed to continue production of oil in a market where supply has outstripped demand. 8H wells, which were also drilled as down-spaced pilots, began initial production at 2,833 to 3,527 Bopd with 275 to 485 Bpd of NGLs and 1.4 to 2.4 MMcfd of natural gas per well.

Operating pressure is 10-150 lbs/sq inch, with ¾” NPT water and gas connections. ½” BSP (British Standard Pipe) connections and overheating protection. The fracture surface and inclusions morphology of X52 test steel welded pipe were examined by metallographic microscope and scanning electron microscope. There are so many careers in oil and gas to choose and it may be difficult to find what suits you. “However, today’s selling was over­­done and I believe there could be a relief rebound,” he said, based on improving US economic growth and ample liquidity from China and Japan. The selling pressure also spread to plantation stocks, with crude palm oil for third month delivery down RM63 to RM2,109 per tonne. Analysts said the selling could be over-done and expected a relief rebound when oil prices settle. The key factors contributing to the recent drop in prices are large crude oil supply from American shale oil production, weakening demand from a subdued global economic growth outlook and also a stronger US dollar in the recent months.